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Allied Natural Wood Enterprises Pty Ltd (ANWE) is a world class wood products export marketing and logistics company. ANWE concentrates on the export of woodchip and other wood products to the international market, including certified natural and plantation grown wood products from public and private growers. Drawing on a wealth of experience in the Forestry Industry, our goal is to enhance and improve the way that wood product exports are managed and marketed in Australia.


In the longer term, ANWE sees hardwood and softwood plantation development, new wood processing technology and innovation as the key strategies for the future. We will be actively exploring these new opportunities to develop our business along the far south coast of New South Wales and throughout Eastern Victoria.


ANWE is an Australian owned company with a long term commitment to the Eden region. ANWE foresees significant opportunities for business diversification and growth as well as increased economic benefits for the community of Eden.


Significant employment opportunities have been created by the forest industry which employs approximately 400 people in the region from Bairnsdale in eastern Victoria to Nowra on the south coast of New South Wales. The employment of full-time staff also strengthens the local community with well over 100 million dollars in direct revenue.


ANWE is partnering with an established Australian logistics business, Pentarch Logistics Pty Ltd, a trusted and well-known forest management provider which has been operating out of Eden for nearly 20 years. This partnering allows ANWE to reduce costs and help drive efficiencies from planation management to harvesting, haulage, chipping and shipping of the final product. 


Located in Eden on the NSW far south coast, ANWE is committed to safety, protecting the environment and to working with and supporting the communities in which we operate. As ANWE develops and expands, we intend that employment opportunities will increase, helping to retain skills and people in the region.


Malcolm McComb - DIRECTOR

Malcolm has extensive experience in all aspects of International Trade. As Chairman of the Pentarch Group of companies, Malcolm has overall responsibility for the strategic direction, governance and performance of the Company and has been closely involved (both strategically and operationally) in establishing and developing the Company’s softwood pine export operations. Malcolm is also a Director of Superpen, a joint venture between Pentarch and Xiangyu as well as a Director of United Forestry Group.

Ian Sedger - DIRECTOR

Ian is a Director of the Pentarch Group with specialist knowledge in the Forest Products division. Ian joined the Group in 1993 after gaining experience in the plantation and forestry industry in Australia. Ian has been responsible for the development of resources in Australia and the marketing of various species into the countries of Asia and has had a particular interest in the development of the Chinese market for forest products. He is also versed in the various aspects of international trade and supply chain dynamics.