First boat after the fires.

May 13, 2020

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May 13, 2020

Allied Natural Wood Exports (ANWE) has started loading the first woodchip vessel to dock since the bushfires forced the Eden facility to shut down in early January.

The MV Cattleya arrived in Eden on May 12 and loading commenced on 13 May, making it the first of many vessels to return to Twofold Bay as the mill’s operation is temporarily restored to near full capacity.

Much of the infrastructure at the Edrom Road woodchip mill was extensively damaged by the January 2020 wildfires which devastated the Far South Coast.

ANWE Chairman, Malcolm McComb said the business’ determination to overcome adversity and its commitment to the industry and local community drove the fast return to operation.

“This is a great achievement and comes just four months after the bushfire damaged the site,” he said.

“Significant works were carried out to make safe, clean up and successfully rebuild the infrastructure to allow us to bring our people back to work.

“The commitment and efforts of our staff and contractors, the support of the Federal and NSW Governments as well as our local government and community, have been the keys to our success.”

“ANWE is a resilient business and the support we have received when we have faced adversity is a humbling reminder of our significance to the local community,” Mr McComb said.

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April 2, 2020

Nippon Paper employees, who still have strong ties to the Allied Natural Wood Exports (ANWE)wood chip mill in Eden, showed their support by donating money following the recent devastating bushfires.

Before it changed hands in 2015, Japanese company Nippon Paper owned the mill for more than three decades and many of its staff lived in the Eden area.

ANWE CEO Paul Heubner said it had come to the mill’s attention that a large amount of money was donated by the Japanese to assist the community rebuild.

“It was very gratifying to learn that these wonderful people who worked with the mill’s former owner still have a connection with Eden,” he said.

“The older among us will remember that during the many years Nippon Paper owned the mill, their staff integrated with and supported the local community.

“It’s fantastic to hear that they are still supporting us in a time of great need, and we are humbled by their generosity.”

Twenty-two former Nippon Paper employees donated a total of $6,500 to the Social Justice Advocates of the Sapphire Coast Disaster Relief Fund.

The fund was established by the Bega Valley Shire Council in partnership with the charity organisation in 2019 to assist those affected by natural disaster.

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January 8th, 2020

ANWE advises that it suffered considerable fire damage to its wood chip export facility located at Two-Fold Bay in Eden, in the early hours of Sunday the 5th January. The highest priority has been to ensure the wellbeing of our staff and we can confirm that all employees have been accounted for and are safe.

The full extent of the damage to the stock and equipment will be assessed once the fire threat has eased and plans are being put in place for temporary and permanent resumption of operations.

ANWE has shown previously how resilient it can be in the face of natural disasters and we will be again by reinvesting in the future of sustainable, independently certified forestry activities which is the lifeblood of timber communities such as Eden. ANWE remains committed to resuming normal operations but also to its previous commitment of investing in a sawmill and briquette plant at the Eden site and in doing so bring further opportunities to the people of the region.

ANWE values the local community within which it is located and is aware of the importance of its operations for the economy in the Eden Monaro region, both directly and indirectly.

ANWE will work closely with Government and Council to ensure that support and adequate resource is provided to enable us to rebuild as swiftly as possible.

Finally, ANWE extends its enormous gratitude to the efforts of staff, and representatives from the Rural Fire Service, and Forestry NSW for their brave and selfless work in fighting the fire.

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PRESS RELEASE - New Timber Processing and Optimisation Hub for Eden

August 14th, 2018

A consortium of forestry companies has begun the development of a high-tech optimisation facility aimed at maximising the value of resource handled on the Eden and East Gippsland regions. The new development at Edrom Road will be designed with the sustainable recurring 100-year resource profile in mind. The consortium partners, including Boral who will provide technical and operational support, see a transition to many new technology applications in the region.

Forestry Corporation of NSW recently announced that the hub was the preferred proponent for a 15-year long-term contract for 25,000 cbm per year of quota hardwood log.

The new hub will include a separate log optimising facility that can extract short logs from existing pulpwood streams to augment the volume of the quota sawlog component. Additionally, we are in the process of identifying processes that will use the sawdust and residues from the sawmill and existing wood chipping operations.

It is expected that the combined roll out of the new investment will be in the order of $20 million dollars. This investment will result in increased job opportunities in a range of professions and trades.

We would like to thank Forestry Corporation of NSW, our local member Andrew Constance, our workforce, contractors and the Eden region as a whole for providing the conditions and support needed for such a long- term venture. The productive forests of Eden will have a long-term future thanks to the range of renewable products they produce coupled with the benefit of strong road and port access to domestic and export markets.

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Video documenting the reconstruction of the 260M Conveyor at the ANWE site by ACORA.

March, 2017

Mission accomplished! ANWE Wharf Re-opening

Friday, 16th December 2016


History in the making

From 1970 to 2016


Eden Chip Export Terminal through time from wharf building in 1970 to its reconstruction in 2016

PRESS RELEASE - ANWE loads first shipment using reconstructed loading conveyor

October 22th, 2016

The East Coast low that caused widespread damage along the Australian Coast in June 2016 created a range of challenges for Allied Natural Wood Exports (ANWE). Not least amongst these was the prompt rebuilding of the access jetty and woodchip conveyor at our loading facility that had been extensively damaged in this storm.


The determination of ANWE’s staff and contractors, along with the support from government and local community, has seen the successful completion of the loading conveyor and on Sunday 13th of November the first shipment from the rebuilt facility.


The shipment comes just five months since the storm damaged over 60% of the jetty structure and made the conveyor inoperable. It is an outstanding achievement to be able to successfully build, install and run the conveyor within this timeframe. It is only due to our commitment to the industry and region and the diligent work of our staff, local and interstate contractors that we have been able to fulfill this landmark shipment.


The key contractor firms that have undertaken the works are: Acora Reneco, who designed and fabricated the conveyor; Australasian Marine Constructions, who designed and built the replacement jetty infrastructure; and Jamie Michelin Engineering who undertook the fabrication work on the jetty and the conveyor supports.


Rectification works are being completed using a two phase approach. Phase one was to reinstate the loading conveyor to allow return to normal export operations. The next stage is the reinstatement of the jetty roadway which has already commenced.


With the loading facility operational again, we look to forward to securing our long term future in the region. We will continue to work with forest owners to ensure long term resource security of the world class wood fiber products that are supplied from the South East of NSW and Eastern Victoria.


Once more we would like to thank all involved in the rebuilding work for their outstanding contribution and we look forward to a strong and vibrant future.

ANWE's Wharf repair weekly update "A Milestone Accomplished"

October 28th, 2016

Weekly update: ANWE's Wharf repairs well on track

October 21st, 2016

Great news for our community - Log Haulage Company Donates $1,500 to Brogo Rural Fire Brigade

October 17th, 2016

anwe siteOn Saturday morning, representatives of the Eden based log haulage company Cyneve Pty Ltd made a donation to the Brogo Rural Fire Brigade.


Company director Raymond Innes and log truck driver Matthew McKinnon made the donation to the brigade captain, Mike Jay, at the Brogo brigade shed. Mike said it was great to receive the funding, which will be used to buy additional equipment. Recently we attended a house fire caused by an electrical problem. Not knowing where the wiring ran was a concern.


The brigade will use some of the money to buy a meter, so we will be able to locate electrical wiring in future. The rest of the money will be put to good use to buy additional equipment.


Cyneve has been hauling logs from a plantation harvesting operation on Andrew Price & Lori Sadler’s property at Brogo. Nicole Innes said “the haulage operation had been conducted over the past 6 weeks and Cyneve and our drivers greatly appreciated the co-operation and friendliness of other road users. Andrew had notified neighbours and other residents prior to commencement of the operation and this helped to ensure the safety of all road users.”

ANWE's Wharf repair weekly update

October 14th, 2016

PRESS RELEASE - Final Vessel departed from the multipurpose wharf

October 6th, 2016

Today, marks a milestone in Allied Natural Wood Exports’ operation at Eden. After the disruptions caused by the storm and the extensive damage sustained by the wharf in June, ANWE’s export operations were quickly resumed by using the nearby multi-purpose wharf.


The damage to ANWE’s jetty saw many challenges arise as we have endeavoured to return to normal activities. An important part of this process was establishing the ability to export our product across the adjacent multi-purpose wharf. A lot of logistical thought and planning went into this operation.


Today, 6th October, at 3 pm local time, the fourth and final vessel departed from the multi-purpose wharf facility, this has been pivotal to the economic activities and stability of the region as a consequence of the events.


There has been a great effort involved in setting up this operation by the local contractors, local transport companies and our employees.


The ability to continue exporting product during this time has been vital in maintaining the forestry supply chain and ensuring the viability of direct and indirect jobs associated across the region.


ANWE’s General Manager, Mr Jarrod Wallis, said that ANWE’s strong commitment has been further enhanced by the exceptional support of the South Coast and East Gippsland communities and the forest industry in general as we recover towards normal operations.


We would also like to acknowledge the Government agencies in FCNSW, the Department of Industry, VicForest, RMS (maritime) and the Port Authority NSW for their ability to quickly respond and resolve issues.


We are working towards fully repairing our facility and resume our normal operations to full capacity as soon as possible.



Sun Vil II - departing from the multipurpose Wharf

October 6th, 2016

ANWE's Wharf repair weekly update

September 29th, 2016

ANWE's Wharf repair weekly update

September 26th, 2016

ANWE's Wharf repair update

September 20th, 2016

Excerpt from AFPA Media Release

September 5th, 2016

Substantial progress on repairs to the Allied Natural Wood Exports (ANWE) woodchip loading wharf at Eden in NSW – severely damaged by storms in June – means exporting from the repaired facility is on track to resume in November. However, it highlights the need for Victorian and NSW Governments to provide wood supply certainty for the forest industry to allow for ongoing investment.


ANWE’s Eden operation is a major contributor to the region’s economy, generating approximately $1 million per week of economic activity, and supporting around 600 jobs in the region across the supply chain.


ANWE reports that all pre-works have been completed for the jetty repairs, and full repairs are on track for completion by the end of the year. ANWE estimates the repair works and resumption of operations will generate close to $4 million of much-needed economic activity over the next few months in the local Eden economy.


Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) Mr Ross Hampton said ANWE’s efforts to promptly resume exports at their Eden wharf highlights the company’s commitment to the region, and the Victorian and NSW governments need to reciprocate by quickly providing long-term, secure wood supply.



ANWE's Wharf repair on track

September 5th, 2016

ANWE's Chip Mill - Portable chip loader at work

August 11th, 2016

Reconstruction work is underway at ANWE's Chip Mill

August 11th, 2016

ANWE's Eden Chip Mill Storm Damage Update

June 20th, 2016

anwe siteWe would like to thank all of our suppliers, contractors, customers and community for their support, patience and understanding over the past few weeks.


We are pleased to advise that soon we will commence accepting deliveries of E1 & E2 logs. We will be releasing a formal announcement in the next few days.




We are working hard to restore operations as quickly as possible and we will keep you informed of the progress towards the resumption of normal business operations. Once again we are grateful for your patience and support.



ANWE's Eden Chip Mill Storm Damage

June 15th, 2016

anwe siteThe wood chip loading facility, operated by Allied Natural Wood Exports (ANWE) have sustained major storm damage, with parts of the infrastructure washed away by a "monster wave". Waves over 17 metres high, associated with the once-in-a-lifetime storm event that hit the coast of NSW last weekend, have caused extensive damage to the port facility at Twofold Bay in Eden.


ANWE is a major contributor to the regional economy, generating approximately $1 million per week of much needed economic activity.


ANWE Director Mr Malcolm McComb, said that the export facility is at the end of a supply chain that supports around 600 jobs in the local region. The disruption to our operations will not just affect the ANWE workers, but also harvest and haulage contractors, allied service industries and sawmills in the region.


"Planning is underway to develop a temporary repair of our existing loading facility. The company is also looking at options to load non-conventional woodchip vessels from the nearby multipurpose wharf using a mobile loader and truck shuttle," Mr McComb said.


Local member for the State electorate of Bega, Mr Andrew Constance, and Federal member for Eden-Monaro, Dr Peter Hendy, have visited the facility. Both members have been extremely proactive at government level to get the woodchip loading facility operational as soon as possible.



Eden Visitor Information Centre receives donated bus

May 6th, 2016

anwe siteA 12-seater Ford transit mini bus has been donated to the Eden Visitor Information Centre by Allied Natural Wood Exports (ANWE).


EVIC board member Bob Sykes says the new acquisition will be put to good use. "It will be used as a shuttle bus for cruise ship guests, for familiarity tours for EVIC volunteers, and for local tours," Mr Sykes said on Monday, May 2.


ANWE general manager Jarrod Wallis said that after ANWE took over SE Fibre Exports and the Eden chip mill, the bus ‘was a surplus of need’. “We thought it would be good to give back to community,” Mr Wallis said. “We think the bus is beneficial for the tourist industry, and community.”


EVIC manager Shannon Woloshyn said Eden Motor Group will donate maintenance and services, and the next step is giving the bus a face-lift. “We plan on securing the funds to get the bus printed with some of our top attractions, and park it in a visible location,” Ms Wolosyn said. “It will become a billboard on wheels for Eden.”


Picture: (from left to right) Allied Natural Wood Exports' general manager Jarrod Wallis, EVIC manager Shannon Woloshyn and EVIC board member Bob Sykes with ANWE donated bus.


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ANWE’s General Manager Announcement

May 4th, 2016

anwe siteANWE’s board of Directors would like to thank Kel Henry for his valuable contribution as the ANWE General Manager throughout the process of the acquisition and establishment of the ANWE site in Eden. Kel’s involvement was crucial to ensure a smooth transition of the business from South East Fibre Exports (SEFE) to its new owner Allied Natural Wood Exports (ANWE).


Kel has now moved on to become the new AMS Eden Operations Manager and will continue to manage and oversee the operations at ANWE’s Eden Woodchip Export facility.


ANWE has now appointed Jarrod Wallis as its new General Manager. Jarrod has experience across a range of industries and has been involved in the forestry sector for the past ten years. A qualified CPA, Jarrod has developed an in-depth understanding of the commercial and financial dynamics of the forest sector industry.


Jarrod’s experience in woodchip export, especially in the South East of New South Wales, will be crucial to the success of ANWE business strategy across the forestry sector in far south coast of New South Wales and throughout Eastern Victoria.

Excerpt from ANWE’s Press Release

December 15th, 2015

anwe siteAfter 45 years of operations South East Fibre Exports at Eden in south east New South Wales will be sold to a new Australian owned company Allied Natural Wood Exports Pty Ltd.


Allied Natural Wood Exports (ANWE) is a new world class wood products marketing and logistics company that will sell certified natural and plantation grown wood products from public and private growers to the international market. Drawing on a wealth of international marketing experience, ANWE has agreed to meet the existing chip export supply agreements which run to 2018 however their ultimate goal is to enhance and improve the way that Australian wood product exports are managed and marketed.

Economic, environmental and social benefits for the community of Eden

December 15th, 2015

ship loadingANWE is committed to the region, nominally the far south coast of New South Wales and East Gippsland, as an export market service provider to all of the forest owners, managers and processors.


ANWE’s goal is to grow the business with the objective of creating a range of sustainable economic opportunities for the region. ANWE sees hardwood and softwood plantation development, new wood processing technology and innovation as the key strategies for their future and they will be actively exploring these new opportunities to develop their business along the far south coast of New South Wales and throughout Eastern Victoria.


Significant employment opportunities have been created by the forest industry which employs approximately 400 people in the region from Bairnsdale in eastern Victoria to Nowra on the south coast of New South Wales. The employment of full-time staff also strengthens the local community with well over 100 million dollars in direct revenue.

ANWE supporting the local foresters and industry of Eden

December 15th, 2015

wood logs


ANWE will support and represent forest owners in the market in a transparent way and with a unified approach.


We are committed to the growth of the business and look forward to working with all stakeholders including Forestry Corporation of NSW, Vic Forests, harvesting and haulage contractors, employees, local councils and local businesses and the Eden community in general.


ANWE will optimise existing supply chains and seek new opportunities to increase the commercial and social viability of the industry. We are committed to safety, protecting the environment and to working with and supporting the communities in which we operate.